Family Photos

Just wanted to share some family photos we just did with my very talented sister in law, Grace Baltic. Her website is if you want to check out her work. She’s such a talented photographer. If she can make us look this good she can make anyone look good.

Coming beginning of 2014 we will have¬†a raffle and you can have a chance to win a photo session with Grace! May the best man (woman) win ūüôā

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New Nightly Routine

After all the daily activities between work and kids and household stuff, if I get to it, my new nightly routine is doing paperwork for our home studies. Some may think it’s daunting¬†and not that enjoyable¬†but I’m actually loving it so far. Even though the reality of our new child being in our arms is still so far away, I’m getting more excited as each day passes.

2013-10-03 20.51.47

Here’s a rundown of what we have done so far:

– Turned in our application and fee to our agency
– Mailed in our first set of paperwork and first payment
– Took a marriage survey our agency required (we passed – we get to stay married – ha)
– Had our orientation phone call with our agency
– Angie finished typing her auto-biography – 14 pages worth of¬†my life- wouldn’t you all love to¬†read?¬†– ¬†Home study requirement
– Started reading “The Connected Child”. Home study requirement
– Set up our first home study in our home with our social worker for October 18th

This is only the beginning of the paperwork and long hours of interviews but the next step we are beginning soon is the fundraisers. International adoption costs close to $35,000 and we are saving each month but will still need help, hence the fundraisers coming soon:)

Here’s an idea of what’s to come:

* T-Shirt sales – sales will start in November (which happens to be Adoption Awareness Month)
* Garage Sale Рwe have already started collecting donations. If anyone has anything you would like to get rid of or were planning to drop at goodwill, we would love to have it for our garage sale to support our adoption! Thanks to Doc and Julie for already donating some things:)
* Photography package raffle – graciously donated by my wonderful sis in law Grace Baltic. We all know she’s the best so I’m sure you will all be fighting over winning this raffle! Date TBD

At the library today Owen asked if we could get a book on Ethiopia and learn more about where his brother lives!

– The Baltics