Homestudy – Check :)


Seems like a lot longer than just three short months ago that we started our home study process.   The Home study process was a love/hate relationship for us. Mainly Love from Angie and Hate from Emil:) ha. Kidding.

One of the love parts of the homestudy was the godly woman we got to work with.  Lesley, who did our homestudy for our agency, was great to work with. So far our agency, Lifeline Children’s Services, has been nothing short of fantastic. They have been so helpful with the paperwork and training but most of all the people we have interacted with seem to truly love the Lord. We have learned a lot through the process and are thankful for the people the Lord chose for us to learn from!

Some of the hate part was some of the hard stuff we had to learn. The truth of what orphans and institutionalized children go through and the aftermath and effects of that is hard to swallow. It was somewhat overwhelming to learn how to deal with it once our new son is home with us. Of course we still have so much to learn in our next 18-24 months of waiting but we do honestly feel like after our home study process we are a little more prepared to raise our new son.

Through the homestudy process our main thing that was keeping us focused and calm was how sovereign our God is. Adopting a child with so many unknowns can seem scary at times.  But one reassuring truth that we kept coming back to is our God is the one who chooses to love us in our sin and depravity.  God knows all the dirt in our hearts, He knows how we run from Him instead of to Him, how we choose sin over obedience, and He still chooses to love us and accept us and he even adopted us into the same inheritance of His perfect obedient Son. We don’t have the misconception that this road will always be easy or perfect but we do know the reward for our family and our new son will be great!

We finalized our homestudy and turned in our I-600A to immigration for approval. The next step is for us to put our dossier together (just some more paperwork that goes to Ethiopia) and to start apply for grants.  To date we have raised and saved $12,000 towards our adoption that will cost somewhere around $37,000. Thanks for those who have already supported us! We really appreciate it. Still lots of shirts for sale if anyone wants one let us know.  They are cute and comfy!