I heard today from our Ethiopian adoption agency that we are #29 on the referral list.  This means with our agency their are 28 families in front of us to receive a referral for a child. Although that number doesn’t sound like a HUGE number, in our case it actually is.  Since November of 2013 our agency has only given out one referral and it was a sibling group ages 5 and 7. They haven’t been able to refer any children under age 5 in about a year.  The process in Ethiopia has become a lot more complicated,  hopefully for the good. They are intending to make sure each child that is referred to a family is truly an orphan.

The way referrals work is that the orphanage will let our agency know when they have children who are “document ready” – meaning all documents needed to satisfy the U.S. Embassy and the Ethiopian Courts have been obtained and translated.  When they receive the documents, they review them carefully and then – if they appear to be accurate and complete – our agency prayerfully refers that child to a waiting family on the list who has indicated a preference for that age/gender.

With all of this said, we have been asked to be patient for the next 2-3 years. It’s a lot longer process than we originally thought. We are excited that we are now on the referral waiting list and we are just ready to see what the Lord has in store for us as we wait! I think with all the paperwork completed I’ve really started to internalize how our life is going to change with our new son! I’ve started to pray for our son and his birth mother so much more in the past couple of weeks. I am excited and nervous to see what the future holds:)


Quail Hunt Fundraiser

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended the Quail hunt fundraiser. Emil had a great time so hopefully everyone who went did as well! A special thanks to Nick and Tullia Yzzi for setting up and planning the fundraiser with Colliers Ranch. Colliers ranch donated $600 towards our adoption fund from the payments made from everyone who attended. Here’s a couple pictures of the Quail Hunt. ImageImageImage


Just a quick update

BlueNileFallsBlue Nile Falls in Ethiopia

Just wanted to give a short update where we are in our adoption journey.

We have been waiting for weeks on two documents to be mailed back to us from Tallahassee after they were sent for State Authentication. This process was supposed to take about 5 days and took 15.

We did receive those items today and I immediately sent our Dossier to our agency in Oregon.  Dossier is the Word used for a HUGE stack of paperwork all about us and our financials.

Our Dossier will go from Oregon to Washington. The two docs that needed state authentication also need  a higher level of authentication. There’s a non profit organization called caring hands who will personal walk our paperwork over to get this authentication needed.

Once this higher level of authentication is complete the paperwork will go back to our agency in Oregon and then finally to Ethiopia.

Once our Dossier is in Ethiopia we will be put on a waiting list to get our son! This waiting list is normally a minimum wait time of 18 months before we receive a referral. The rate things are going I’m expecting longer.

So that is it for now! Over the next 18 months or so we will be trying to raise and save the rest of our funds needed.  We have a large payment to Ethiopia once we receive our referral and then traveling expenses for two trips to Ethiopia.

Our next large fundraiser is going to be in November 2014 a half marathon called “Chosen Marathon”. Once we have more details we will share with everyone! Start training to run 13 miles so you can be a part of this really fun event!