A New Direction


Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight.

haiti photo

With much prayer, research and seeking advice from other families that are also in this adoption journey, we have made the decision to switch our adoption country from Ethiopia to Haiti.  There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes in Ethiopia that have us feeling uncertain about how long it will actually take us to bring home a child. Our agency was currently asking families on the waiting list to patiently wait in the adoption process with Ethiopia for at least 3-4 years from now, and based on how things are currently moving we feel it actually could be much longer than that.  We still feel a strong love and burden for the country of Ethiopia. Although our son won’t be joining our family from this country anymore we have decided to still support a little boy in this country through the wonderful mission of Compassion International.

The Lord has really opened doors and moved our hearts towards Haiti.  When we first started the adoption process in order to adopt from Haiti some of the international adoption requirements were things we did not meet such as; the adoptive parents must be 35 years old, must be married for 10 years and had to have no biological children. With these requirements in place when we first started the adoption process Haiti was not an option for us to adopt from that country. Recently the international adoption criteria has changed to one adoptive parent must be at least 30, five years of marriage and you can have biological children, all of which we do meet!

The process in Haiti is very different than Ethiopia although it will still be a lengthy process we have high hopes it should be quicker than Ethiopia in bringing our son home.  There’s still much uncertainty in Haiti and their adoption process but we are trusting the Lord that he will work all of those things out in His time.

So what now? First we wait on Lifeline to approve us to be a part of the Haiti program.  Then we have to do an update on our homestudy and we have to redo our Dossier, which is the packet of paperwork that will go to Haiti including more doctors’ visits, immigration approval stuff like that.  Then we wait again, but hopefully a shorter wait to get a referral match.  The Haiti program director with Lifeline (our agency) feels within 6 months of submitting our Dossier to Haiti we should have a referral for a child – could be shorter or longer.  The referral for a Haitian child is a little different than an Ethiopian referral.  Once we receive a referral soon after we head down to Haiti for a two week trip to meet and bond with our child.  After our visit then we wait again with behind the scene approvals going on for an unknown amount of time before we bring him home.  The wait will still be long but it will be different than it would have been from Ethiopia and maybe even harder knowing that we have met our son, held him, played with him, fell in love with him and can’t bring him home until paperwork is completed. In a way it could make the wait easier too though knowing that it’s for something tangible and real since we will have met our son.

We are excited and sad at the same time about our news. I just had a long conversation with Owen about why we switched countries. Owen had fallen in love with Ethiopia and I hope to help his love for Ethiopia to continue in him! But we can say with confidence we feel this is the next step the Lord is leading us through in our adoption journey! We have already learned and grown a lot through this so we can’t wait to see what else He has for us 🙂

Isaiah 40:21 Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether it be to the right or to the left.