Praise Him In the Hallway


Are you guys still adopting? People are curious. Everyone around us that says they are adopting actually brings a child home. We haven’t and it’s been 2 years since we started. Are we still adopting? Sometimes I wonder myself.

Lord willing, we are still adopting, for those of you wondering!

Sometimes I read blogs from other Haiti adoptive moms and then stop reading blogs because I’m frustrated. I join the Haiti adoption facebook groups and then stop looking at posts because I’m frustrated.  I start doing my lessons to learn Creole and then stop because I’m frustrated.

But this blog I read today actually made me think, okay this isn’t good and it doesn’t fix it but maybe it will help me explain to others why we don’t have a child yet. And help me come to the reality that Haiti has some a lot of problems but someday this will be a distant thought and our son will be home.  Haiti is trying to fix the problem of children being sold for bribes. Parents giving up kids not realizing they are giving up all their rights. Or maybe just giving up their kids for money to put food on the table for their family. I think the system may have good intensions but they definitely don’t have the personnel or man power to put the correct systems into place.  This blog I think helps explain a little bit of the Haiti adoption system from someone who has seen the system for over 20 years.

If you have a chance to read it please do! Maybe you will know better how to pray for Haiti as a country, their adoption system and for us while we wait for our son to come home.

But until God opens the next door, we will just praise Him in the hallway!