Haiti Day 5

Day 5- This morning the mission’s team left early so it’s just Emil and I at the guest house now. It’s a big quite guest house. So we had breakfast by ourselves and then headed over to the crèche to see J.  He was upstairs hadn’t got changed yet so I helped change his diaper and get his clothes on.  I just assumed he wasn’t potty trained since he always has a diaper on but later today found out he actually is potty trained. I’ll get to that in a minute.  We came back to the guest house and played for a while. He loves to come over here and he’s pretty crazy and funny here. He’s really rough and tough. He loves to beat up daddy.  We played here for a while and watched curious George on my phone. We decided to give him a bath since he looked like he could use one. I had been told the culture in Haiti is to give a sponge bath even adults do it a lot of times. I’ve also seen him get a sponge bath at the crèche so I kind of assumed we would do that. I walked in the bathroom and Emil had the shower turned on and J LOVED it.  He was screaming and laughing and jumping up and down.  I think it must have been his first shower ever.  When it was time to get out he wasn’t happy about that he probably would have stayed in there for hours.  We did have clean clothes but no diaper for him over here.  He told me he didn’t need one watch me go potty and he did on the toilet.  So I didn’t put a diaper back on him the rest of the day and he went to the bathroom multiple times! Yay for one less thing to do when he gets to come home!  After that we went back to the crèche to let him eat dinner and play with all the kids for a while. We have made some good friends with the little boys and girls.  Also the older girls gave me a hug today so I felt like that was a good break through. I also bribe with snacks and gum so that helps! Whatever works right?!  After playing for a little while I had one of the older boys tell J we had to leave for dinner and would see him in the morning. He jumped down gave us each a hug and ran to play with his friends without crying that we were leaving so that was maybe the first time he did that. I guess he gets it now that we are coming back.  I did talk to the man who runs the crèche today and he was aksing us how it was going. I told him that J was so much fun we were having a great time and he said to me “J has always been a quite kid and an observer and a little sad but this week you can tell it’s his week. I have never seen him so happy”.  That made my day! We were here alone in the evening for dinner just me and Emil. We ate dinner, read a little, and played cards and I beat Emil two times at rummy.  Today is really hit me how much I miss Emma and Owen.  When we facetimed them today I started to cry when we got off. I think Emil teared up a little too!  Miss them so much glad they are in good hands and having fun with friends.

these are some pics of some of our little friends we have made. My sunglasses got passed around today for a photo op. J took the pic of me and Emil and he said “mommy daddy stick out your tongue”. So glad my kids have so much family and so many friends at home that love and care for them. Owen’s first baseball game was last night.


One thought on “Haiti Day 5

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the play by plays!! I’m so excited and happy for you and Emil!! Just can’t wait to give J a big squeeze and welcome to the family! Keep the pictures coming! We are praying for your family!!

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