Haiti day 7 & 8

Day 7 – This morning we had breakfast and then we went over to the crèche to play with J.  The community center was there so we stayed for a while because they sing songs with the little kids while the big kids are at school. J didn’t really want to participate. All he wants to do once we come is come back to the guest house.  So after about an hour we did come here.  We played legos and cars and swords then at noon we were going with A to the Baptist mission to their gift shop and café so we took J back over for his nap before we left.  It was about a 15 minute ride to the Baptist mission and once we got there it was closed.  It looked like a missions team working inside. We spoke to a guy outside and he said they were closed until mid October.  That was the only shop around here I was excited to go so we could get Owen and Emma a little something (oh well).  So we got back in the truck and came back to the guest house.  We let J nap for a little while and then we went back to the crèche to play.  Emil played a lot of soccer and basketball with the big boys today.  I played outside with J and his little buddies.  We played basketball and keep away and I took a bunch of pics of J and his little friend on the stairs doing all different poses.  He’s really becoming silly and funny (everyone here kept telling us he’s so quiet, but he’s not with us anymore).  The hardest part for me right now is knowing I have to leave J here when we come home.  A lot of these kids have been left at the crèche by their biological parents and they were hurt. Now I have to do the same thing to him.  We come we play for two weeks give him gifts show him love and then leave him with no communication for a very long time.  I just can’t wrap my brain around how this is best for the kids. Why Haiti’s adoption process is like this.  I don’t want him to feel like we have abandoned him as well. But I don’t know how to make a little kid that doesn’t even understand English all that well understand we are coming back.

Day 8 – Today we had breakfast and then we went over to the crèche to get J for a few hours to play.  We brought him over to the guest house right away because we knew we only had a few hours today to play.  I wanted to look at the jewelry that the ladies here make and sell.  Was able to find a few cute necklaces and bracelets to purchase.  I couldn’t understand completely but I think from what I could make out there’s about 30 ladies in the community that make the beads and sell them for income. They are made out of old t-shirts.  You can purchase them online so I’ll get that link for you if you want to help support the community here in Kenscoff.  After that we had to take J back to the crèche because we were riding down to port au prince with A and some other guys to pick up wood (for Emil to build some tables) for some new couches for the guest house and to go by the store we needed more half and half and coffee (can’t survive without coffee). So that ended being an adventure.  We had to go by IBESR to pick up C4C worker who goes into IBESR to advocate for our families.  He had to go with us to get the couches.  So that took about 3 hours. We waited on the couches forever.  Finally we got them loaded in the truck and our driver decided there was no way we could fit the wood in as well. So we headed to the store to pick up the stuff we needed and head back to Kenscoff.  Let me just say Port Au Price is unlike anything I have ever seen.  There are people everywhere.  A was telling us that it’s a 13 square mile area with 1 million people in it.  There’s not really stores or shops, everyone just sets up what they sell on the side of the road. So if you need clothes or a purse or shoes or a cell phone charger you just walk down the road and purchase whatever you need. They sell everything even a whole chicken a guy was knocking on our window trying to sell us. And I don’t know if there is speed limits or driving laws but if there are they are definitely not enforced.  People drive on any side of the road they want. Pass anyone they want to and motorcycle are going between cars as fast as they can. You have to be a good driver to drive in port au prince or you would hit another car or bystander. There’s people walking down the middle of the road and tap tap’s stopping to pick up people and cars swerve all the time.  There were a few times I was actually really scared in the car! But we survived to tell the story tonight! Safely back in kenscoff.   We got to go see J for a little bit when we got back and we will head over again tomorrow morning.  Hopefully they will get wood tomorrow so Emil can have his project to do next week. He’s going to build some tables for the sewing room.


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