Haiti Day 13 &14

Day 13 – Today we had breakfast and went over to get J. Played at the guesthouse most of the day until we thought we had our social worker interview at 12:30pm.  We got all dressed up and went over to the crèche to have our interview.  A guy who works for our agency was supposed to be coming to translate for us and bringing the social worker.  So we waited and waited and waited for about 2 hours. I finally decided I should email our agency since they were the ones who set up this meeting.  They did email me back and let me know that their car broke down on the way so they would try again tomorrow at 9am.  This meeting is something we have to complete while in Haiti in order to move forward with the adoption process. It’s a social worker from IBESR and they come and ask questions for about an hours in regards to why we want to adopt. We did find out J would sit with us during this meeting.  Since we found out they weren’t coming today we left J there to do preschool with the other kids and we went back to have lunch.  In the evening we went back to play with j and the other kids before we had to leave at 5pm.

Day 14 – Our last day.  Today was a very emotional day. I woke up crying before we even went over to the crèche.  I knew we had our social worker interview this morning which I was a little nervous about. Emil’s never nervous.  Then it would be our last day to hang out with J and the other kids and leave all our new friends we have made here (the other adoptive families and A).  But the sweet part is tomorrow we get to go home and see our kids. I miss Owen and Emma so much. We have got to facetime them a lot and they have got to talk to J some. He likes to talk about Owen and Emma.  So we got our breakfast and headed over to the crèche for our social worker interview. After what we went through with this yesterday we figured they were on Haiti time so they probably wouldn’t be coming at 9am but we would get there at 9am anyway just in case. Haiti time is not like American time.  It’s like this “so your meeting is at 9am, so you be ready at 9am and we will get there whenever we can”.  It’s a cultural thing I guess.  For me being a person who is like “I’m always 10 minutes early or I think I’m late” this Haiti time thing has been very difficult for me to get used to.  So again we sat for a while. A while being an hour and a half.  J wasn’t in a good mood because now his routine is that we come and get him and he gets to go to the guest house. So when we didn’t do that he was upset.  So Emil and I actually took turns going to the guest house with him and one of us stayed at the crèche to make sure we didn’t miss the social worker.  About 10:30am the social worker and our agency representative showed up for our 9am meeting!! So I went and got Emil and J and we went into our interview.  Surprising J was so good most of the time. For an hour and a half he either sat on my lap or Emil’s lap while we were questioned by the social worker. He asked a lot of questions like describe your spouse, what you like and dislike about them.  Describe your time here with J how it has gone.  Where do you see J in 12 years?  How will you keep the Haitian culture alive in your home? Lots more questions but similar to that and then at the end the social worker just gave us advice about adoption.  He was kind and so was agency rep so overall It was a good experience.  After that J went to preschool and we went out to lunch with our new friends the two other adoptive families here.  When we came back we went straight over to spend our last few hours with J before 5pm.  We played at the guesthouse. Honestly it seemed like he knew something was different. He was fun but a little down. We gave him one last shower (he loved it), facetimed Owen and Emma and momaw and popaw, and then we went back to the crèche so we could say bye to all the kids.  When I was telling J good bye I lost it.  He looked at me like I was crazy! But he kept hugging me very tight like he was trying to comfort me almost.  He gave me many hugs and kisses. I told the older boys to reassure him we would be back for him and when he was sad they needed to comfort him.  Emil and I gave all the kids hugs and said our goodbyes and a few of them said “we are really going to miss you”. We spent a lot of time with the boys playing and it was so much fun.  I thought I was done but this one boy he’s 11 Emil and I got to know really well and we walked back over to the guest house he was doing something over here and he gave us a hug and said bye I said P I’m going to miss you and he had tears in his eyes and said I’m going to miss you too! I lost it again! Today has been hard. But good. This is part of the process we have to do in order to get to the end result of bringing J home. What a bitter sweet day. Past all the crying now and soooooooooo looking forward to seeing Owen and Emma tomorrow!!!! I cannot wait!!!!


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