The Wait for Homecoming

Just wanted to give an outline of the rest of our adoption process to those of you who have asked how long until our son gets to come home or what’s the process look like until he comes homes.

Here’s the outline of the next steps in our adoption process!

1.       The file is picked up from IBESR and taken to Parquet (court)

2.       Adoption decree – when the adoption decree is issued, the child is legally yours in Haiti, and they are officially given your last name

3.       The file gets translated and legalized and has to go through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

4.       MOI (ministry of interior = immigration phase of the process for the child)

5.       The passport is issued

6.       The file (along with the child’s passport) is submitted to the Embassy in Port-au-Prince

7.       If approved, schedule visa medical appointment

8.       Complete child’s visa medical appointment for visa

9.       Visa issued

10.   Exit letter

11.   HOME!

So that’s it folks! We would appreciate your prayers that these next steps go quickly and smoothly and J comes home fast!! The estimated timeframe is 8-12 months but we know if God chooses he can speed it up.


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