Missions Trip/Visit J

It’s been a long 5 months home just waiting for updates on J and how he’s doing. I am thankful to say I have been so blessed to see lots of pictures and videos of him from other waiting Mama’s that have children at the same creche.  Each time someone travels to Haiti we share pictures and stories and it really has been a Godsend to keep me sane in the wait for J to come home.

With that said we have planned a trip to visit J. But it’s a lot more than that this time.  We prayed “how does God want to use us in this wait and what can we do to make a difference not only in the life of J but all the children, nannies, workers at Chances for Children.”  So we decided to organize a Missions trip to Haiti. It’s really a twofold trip. Of course we can’t wait to see J, but we also wanted to be productive and be a blessing to the Kenscoff community while we were there.  We are traveling to Haiti June 6-12 and we are taking a team with us made up family and close friends which includes Owen and Emma getting to go and meet their brother! We are so thankful for how we have already seen God’s hand in the planning.

While we are there Emil and some guys will be doing a large work project around the creche and guesthouse. There’s always lots things that need to be fixed or repaired and as the time gets closer we will have a better idea of exactly what Emil will be working on.

The girls, we will do small work projects in the morning and a VBS for the kids in the afternoon.  I did get to speak with the missions coordinator from C4C and she informed me they have never had an “all out” VBS for the kids so we plan to do just that. We want them to experience the love of God through us with Bible lessons, skits, songs, crafts, games, snacks, VBS t-shirts. Of course we have plans but we will also be flexible (that’s the key word in Haiti)!! We do want to make this week something the kids will never forget and for them to feel so special and loved.

Sometimes in such a poor country we feel that the kids and people around us need so many physical things to make their lives better. But what they really need is Christ. They need to know Christ and have a personal relationship with Him, He is the one who promises to provide for all of our needs. They need someone to invest their time into their lives and we want to do just that. We want our main goal for the week to be to share Christ to all around us!

So what you can do for us while we plan…PRAY! We need lots of prayer as we plan lessons, skits, and games for a VBS in a country where we do not speak their language. Pray that we can clearly and accurately articulate the gospel through songs and skits. Pray for God to prepare for the hearts of all the children, nannies and C4C staff that if anyone does not know the Lord he would draw them to himself and open their eyes and hearts to the gospel.  And pray for our team to prepare their hearts to invest in the lives of everyone we meet. We are so thankful for this opportunity to go and see our J again before he comes home!! And Owen and Emma couldn’t be more excited than they are 🙂

Update on adoption: we are in the step called parquet (children’s court) awaiting our adoption decree.  Adoption decree is a big step because once we have it J is legally ours. We can then share with all of you his picture and full name:) YAY!


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