Prayers Please!


The end (or new beginning) of our adoption process feels so close, yet we still have so many unknowns.  We are currently waiting on Jorgensen’s passport to be issued. Once that is done our file will be sent to USCIS to be approved at the US Embassy in Haiti and then they will issue his visa and exit letter.  That’s it folks, that’s all we need.  These very few last steps to happen so our precious (crazy, hyper, silly) little boy can come home!

We are traveling to Haiti with a missions team June 6-13.  We would have loved if Jorgensen could have flown home with us from this trip. It’s looking as though that will not happen since we don’t have his passport yet.  But there’s always a chance and God’s in the business of doing miraculous things so we will not give up hope on that.  So we are asking all of you to pray!  Please Pray that if it’s God’s will Jorgensen’s passport will come this week. And that his file would be approved in USCIS quickly.  But most importantly pray that no matter what we would glorify God in our Trust in Him. He has shown us time and time again he is worthy of our glory, praise, honor and our Trust – so that’s what we will give Him!

You can also pray for our missions trip! I will update a post before we leave with more details but we have some really fun and wonderful things planned for the kids that I just know they will all love! I can’t wait to get there and see Jorgensen and ALL of the kids and Nannies. Love them all so much!




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