One week home

We have been home one week with Jorgensen and it feels like a lot longer. There has already been so many first and so many wonderful things happen in this first week home.

First time in a swimming pool (we think)
First time on a swing
First time eating most every food he’s eaten this week (especially fruits and veggies)
First time wearing a seatbelt and sitting in a booster seat
First time having a pet (oatmeal)
First time having anything of his own (even clothes, shoes, toys)
First time throwing toilet paper in the toilet to flush it (who would have thought that would be something to teach a kid) – in Haiti they do not flush TP.
First time eating out in a restaurant
The list could go on and on and it’s only been a week.

Although things have gone rather smooth and we have been pleasantly surprised with how well Jorgensen is adapting to being apart of a family, it definitely isn’t always what facebook shows! Facebook normally only shows the fun, the wonderful, the beautiful parts of life. As I look back at my page and pictures on facebook it looks like life is easy and wonderful all the time – vacations, beaches, pools, friends, family and cute kids and that’s what life is! But adoption and really parenting for that matter isn’t always easy or beautiful.  Although J is doing amazing he definitely has his share of things we will work on and work through for years to come if not forever. J’s crèche did an AMAZING job preparing him to come into a family and specifically into a family in the U.S. but he still lived in an orphanage for years and has many behaviors and attitudes that institutionalized living and other factors of his life the past 5 years have taught him that aren’t pretty.

This week I have already learned a lot about Jorgensen.

He’s a great sleeper at night.
Although he is 5, at times (most of the time) seems more like 3 years old.
He has so much energy and he’s so excited about all the new things he’s learning it’s hard for me to keep up!
He can light up a room with his laugh and smile.
He is fearless which is scary because he doesn’t think that anything can hurt him.
He has a kind heart and thinks of others (Owen and Emma) often.
He is a pouter not a screamer, which we know is still a wicked heart to deal with but much easier on mommy’s ears.

Being a mom of three is much more exhausting than I ever imaged!! But I couldn’t be more thankful to have them all under the same roof finally! I also couldn’t be more thankful for friends and family who have come along side of us with meals, texts, visits and most importantly prayers!


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