About The Baltics


Hi! We are the Baltic Family
Emil 33, Angie 33, Owen 6 and Emma 4 and J 4

Emil is number 11 out of 14 kids. He works for St Petersburg Fire and Rescue  as a Firefighter Paramedic and does construction work on the side. He stays busy with work and on his time off spends it all pretty much with us (Angie and the kids).

Angie is a realtor and a full time mom by God’s grace.  I enjoy my job and getting to help others. I also am very blessed that I’m able to work from home and still be with my kids (thanks to my real estate partner and Mom).

Owen is a bright and caring 6 year old. Owen thinks through everything before he does it. He says a lot of funny things. He loves to learn  and he’s very smart and has a big heart. He also loves Animals and takes care of his dog and hermit crabs.  He is careful and cautious but he also knows how to have fun.

Emma is a fun loving 4 year old. She doesn’t have a care in the world. She loves her brother, Owen, and wants to be with him every second.  Emma loves to dance and sing and play with her puppy Oatmeal! Emma has her daddy’s fun personality! She loves her dad very much and if she has to choose picks daddy over mommy (unless she’s hurt).

J is still in Haiti at chances for children Creche.  He’s rough and tough and loves to beat daddy up.  He is really funny and has a fun personality. We cannot wait until he finally comes home.


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